Buy Inflatable Sex Wedge Pillow And Get Free Shipping On AliExpress

Not saying that your sex life needs a like revamping or excitement, but then again, maybe the question should be posed, is there something lacking or something you want to try? While choosing a sex pillow make sure that it can comfortably carry you and your partner's body weight. It's compact and a high-density foam is used to support your body while you create memories with your partner. With a sex-positive attitude, an open mind, lots of sexual communication , and enough lube, you'll discover that there are many ways to sex-plore and sex-periment with your significant other.

Another one of those hot, tantalizing love making positions, the sideways 69 allows for different angels for optimal suction on each genital area while giving your neck a break from the regular 69. It's also hot to have each others arms wrapped around your waists and buttocks, pulling you eagerly to each other while moving in a sensual rhythm.

The addition of a sex pillow or sex wedge really changes the game. Your pleasure is the great gift in your body, and you have the right to sex pillow feel it for as long as you can handle it. Speaking of experiences, sex pillows add new sensations to even the most basic of positions.

Deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation freshens old positions with new sensations. Furthermore, multipurpose pillows often come with toy holders and other types of convenient mounts for playtime. The elevation offered by this sex pillow allows you to gain the ultimate pleasure in different positions like oral, doggy or missionary style.

TIP: Velvet is often used as the outer covering of many sex pillows, but many people believe that material is not durable enough. The name is Liberator Jaz Positioning Pillow and it's ranking the second topper of our sex pillow rankings. Now it requires a little trial and effort to figure out how to position your body best on the pillow.

Ergonomic models enable new positions, better penetration and increased range of motion, resulting in more satisfying sexual experiences and fewer sex-related injuries. A good sex pillow can drastically enhance your pleasure by increasing your mobility. Not just comfortable to lay against it, but to be used in different positions and still have support regardless of the way you use it.

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